Photo of the Week: Road Trip

With a new school year rapidly approaching, there are just a few days left this summer for that all-American vacation, the road trip.

Here are four photographs from the Carter's permanent collection, all taken from the road.

Terry Falke, Roadside Sunset, Northern Arizona, 1995
Terry Falke (b. 1950), Roadside Sunset, Northern Arizona, dye coupler print, 1995, Gift of Dominic Lam, ©1995 Terry Falke

Peter Brown, Cake Palace, Tahoka, Texas, 1994
Peter Brown (b. 1948), Cake Palace, Tahoka, Texas, dye coupler print, 1994, ©1994 Peter Brown

Frank Gohlke, Grain elevator and lightning flash, Lamesa, Texas, 1975
Frank Gohlke (b. 1942), Grain elevator and lightning flash, Lamesa, Texas, gelatin silver print, 1975, ©Frank Gohlke

Carol Burton Cohen, Prairie City Dallas, 1984
Carol Cohen Burton (b. 1945), Prairie City. Dallas, dye destruction print, 1984, Gift of the Texas Historical Foundation with support from a major grant from the DuPont Company and Conoco, its energy subsidiary, and assistance from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, © 1984 Carol Cohen Burton