Photo of the Week: Office Space

I'd never noticed until this morning just how many photographs of workers there are in the Carter's collection. And not just photos of exciting outdoor work, but people sitting at their desks...going back to 1847!

For Photo of the Week, pencil-pushing through the years:

Unknown artist, [Unidentified civilian, seated at desk, pen in hand] , daguerreotype, ca. 1847, Gift of Paul Katz, Bennington, Vermont

Karl Struss, [Cecil B. Demille in his studio office], gelatin silver print, 1919
©1983 Amon Carter Museum

William Joseph Carner, C. R. Church, Jr., Seismographic Computer, Checking and Comparing Seismograph Reflections Sent in from the Field. Humble Oil and Refining Co., Houston, Texas, gelatin silver print, 1947
Gift of Texas Monthly, Inc., printed from a negative in the Standard Oil of New Jersey Collection, University of Louisville Photographic Archives, © Standard Oil Company

Paul Hester, Republic Bank. Office. Houston, gelatin silver print, 1984
Gift of the Texas Historical Foundation with support from a major grant from the DuPont Company and Conoco, its energy subsidiary, and assistance from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, © 1984 Paul Hester