It Works on Paper: NEA Turns 45

In honor of the National Endowment for the Arts turning 45 this week, here are several prints from the Carter's collection created in 1965, the same year NEA was established.

And if you're wondering what the NEA actually does, keep reading. Last year, the Carter was awarded a large grant from the NEA to digitize its collection of prints, drawings, and watercolors. The images you see here (and in all "It Works on Paper" blog posts) have been created as part of this grant. Anytime you see a digital or printed reproduction of one of our prints, drawings, or watercolors on our website, used in an educational program, or a museum publication, know that the NEA helped make it possible!

Nicholas Krushenick (1929-1999), Untitled, lithograph, 1965, Gift of Ruth Carter Stevenson, © Julia Krushenick

Garo Antreasian, Ojo, lithograph, 1965
Garo Antreasian (b. 1922), Ojo, lithograph, 1965, © Garo Z. Antreasian

Paul Brach, Silver Series, lithograph, 1965
Paul Brach (1924-2007), Silver Series, lithograph, 1965, © Miriam Schapiro