Tyler Green at the Carter

This Thursday, March 25, come to our panel discussion, Pacesetters in American Art and Culture! Last week I wrote about the inspiration of this program and introduced one of our three panelists, Kimberly Davenport.

Today, I want to talk about Tyler Green. Tyler Green is an art critic based in D.C. who has a blog called Modern Art Notes (MAN). If you follow our blog, chances are you have read his! He has a readership of over 10,000 unique readers per week and covers a variety of topics, exhibitions, and interesting occurrences in the art world, including one of my favorites---the Super Bowl wager between the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s director Max Anderson and the New Orleans Museum of Art’s director E. John Bullard.

Photograph of art critic Tyler Green

Tyler is a natural fit for this program because our staff reads his blog and, frankly, are interested in what he has to say---and feel the art world is as well. His writing can be friendly, fierce, informative, and persuasive, which makes me feel there is something for everyone---it’s a nice surprise to see what’s next. The Wall Street Journal has called MAN “the most influential of all visual arts blogs,” and newspapers such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal have all credited MAN with breaking stories that they later covered.

Tyler has an extensive resume. He has written for Fortune, Conde Nast Portfolio, Smithsonian, Washingtonian, the New York Observer, LA Weekly, Black Book magazine, and more. He has served as an art critic for Artnet Magazine and Bloomberg News, regularly lectures about art, and was named by the Washington Post in 2008 as one of fourteen young and influential cultural figures active in Washington, D.C. He also lectures regularly about art, including at the Brooklyn Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, George Washington University, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, Artissima in Turin, Italy, and more than I can name here.

All this, and I heard a rumor that he used to be a sports writer!

There is still room to come and see the man behind the blog during our free public program Pacesetters in American Art and Culture! Admission is free, but because seating is limited, reservations are required. Call 817.989.5030 or e-mail education@cartermuseum.org to register.