Teaching with Technology

Did you know that members of the Carter’s Education staff travel to places like Canada, New York, and Ohio several times each week? Through the magic of videoconferencing we connect students, educators, and other audiences all across the world to the Carter’s collection of American art.

This afternoon teachers across Texas will participate in our educator videoconference Virtual Museum to discover new strategies for integrating technology and the arts into their classrooms. With resources such as teaching guides, bookmarking sites, blogs, and podcasts there are more ways than ever to inspire student learning using technology.

Which technologies are museums using (or should be using) that you most enjoy? Educators, how are you using technology in the classroom to teach students about the arts? Post your comments below and share your ideas with the world...through technology!


I love what you guys are doing - with both the video conferencing as well as your blog, and video podcasts.

I've also noticed that the museum has a twitter account (http://twitter.com/the_carter) - that I wish you would use more often.

Just as an idea: maybe you could use it to post a url for an image of one of the pieces hanging in the museum, with a short fact, description or piece of trivia about the work.

Otherwise keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback and the great ideas. I plan on using Twitter more, especially with the upcoming exhibitions.

I loved the video conference. Your guys are the best. Very informational.

Being able to search the paintings and photos, so my students can see what life was like in a given time period, was an inspiration. I can see using this regularly in my classroom.

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