Museums - The Healthy Choice

A recent study by Koenraad Cuypers of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology reveals that visiting a museum can be good for your health.

Scientists agree that leisure activities, including cultural events, reduce stress. Cuypers' study focused on two different ways of participating in a cultural activity: the “creative” culture where the person actually participates in the activity; and the “receptive” culture where the person simply views the event. Creative culture includes singing in a choir or dancing or creating art. Receptive culture includes watching a ballet or seeing a play - or visiting a museum.

I was very surprised to learn that men thought they benefited more from receptive cultural activities than women did. Cuypers added that the more activities the respondent participated in, the better their perceived health. So the next time you ask the guy in your life to come to the Amon Carter and he rolls his eyes, just tell him it’s good for him.

Woody Allen — Metropolitan Museum of Art, gelatin silver print, 1963. ©Ruth Orkin

Ruth Orkin (1921-1985)
Woody Allen — Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1963
Gelatin silver print
©Ruth Orkin