Masterworks of American Photography: Moments in Time

June 19, 2009January 3, 2010

Journey through photography’s history in this sampling of works from the Carter’s renowned permanent collection. This presentation of Masterworks explores the medium's unique relationship to time.


I will be off work the week following Christmas. I am so excited to see this exhibit. I am an aspiring photographer and hope to gleen much from the exhibit. My 12 y/o daughter will be with me. She has never been to the Carter nor have I. I am so looking forward to this visit and many more to come.

The exhibition contains both Helen Levitt's New York (1972) and Robert Adams' Colorado Springs, CO (1968).

I plan to see this exhibit soon. Wondering - does it include any Robert Adams photographs?

I was wondering which of Levitt's color photos are in the current exhibit?

The photographer's name is Paul Fusco (b. 1930) and the title of the photograph is
"RFK Funeral Train Rediscovered (#12), 1968"

It is included in the book: Paul Fusco: RFK. New York: Aperture; Reprint edition (September 1, 2008).
ISBN-10: 1597110795
ISBN-13: 978-1597110792

Did anyone at the Museum answer your question? The photo was taken by Paul Fusco. He has a book of photos taken for this project.

A friend and I toured the exhibits this afternoon and found a lot to delight in.

I was drawn to the photograph of people in a back yard watching the Robert Kennedy death train roll by and wish I'd made note of the photographer.

Is there anyway to find that out?

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