Fort Worth Landmarks in the 1950s: Watercolors by Bror Utter

March 8, 2008June 15, 2008

Seventeen brilliant watercolors by Bror Utter (1913--1993) depict historic Fort Worth structures, some of which still stand while others were torn down many years ago. The Eddleman-McFarland House, St. Ignatius Academy, Knights of Pythias, and First National Bank are some of the buildings represented.


i have an original water colour ...utter... i do have documentation...please call me Deborah j. Stevens email me at

Could you tell me if a depiction of the Flatiron building in Fort Worth was included in this exhibition? I am trying to obtain a drawing of this building and am hoping to find an existing print. Thank you for your help!
Nicki Prevou

Can you please send me a schedule of events for the museum?
ThankYou, Linda Hamilton, activity director

I've had a 1965 Bror Utter Landscape painting for years and have always wonder of appraised value. It holds great personal value and is placed in my entry way for all to enjoy. A friend suggest that I offer to loan it for viewing at your museum in exchange of an appraisal of the painting. If this is something that would be of interest to your museum, please e-mail me.

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