Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision

February 14, 2009May 10, 2009

Think of photography as a vibrant language that extends well beyond realism, where high contrast, overlapping exposures, and limited focus are just as important as acute detail. This is the work of Barbara Crane, whose special exhibition of nearly 200 photographs is on view at the Carter beginning in February.


It's always good to make sure. I hope this helps you out!

  1. No photographs are allowed in the Crane exhibition.
  2. Check out
  3. We do in fact have a Facebook: If you are on Twitter please follow us @the_carter.

Thank you. Just wanted to make sure!!

Assume no photography of any kind is allowed (including non-flash)?

Also, can you recommend an activity for a group of 10 or so amateur photographers to do following the exhibit tour at around 2PM or so? For instance, a place we can gather or photograph? Thank you so much.

FYI...I administer a 700 member photography club on facebook. We have 43 confirmed guests that have indicated they will attend on Feb 22 at around 1PM (usually, bout a third or so show up). It would be great if Amon Carter had an Official Page on facebook (free) !

Admission is always free. Enjoy the show!

Wonderful! I love urban photography and look forward to seeing this. It implies admission is free?

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