Ansel Adams: Eloquent Light

May 29, 2010November 7, 2010

This exhibition of forty landmark and lesser-known works by the renowned artist-photographer is drawn from the Carter’s holdings and a private collection.

Ansel Adams was the last major artist to subscribe to the romantic tradition of American landscape, an artistic lineage that included Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, William Henry Jackson and Carleton Watkins. He excelled at capturing a glorious American West before tourism and development marked the land. His goal was “to rekindle an appreciation of the marvelous.”


Me and G going this weekend.

I am an Ansel Adams want-a-be. Today, 10-2-10, we will visit the Amon Carter and see the "Works" of my hero!

Hope you all made the trip. I took my first train ride with 26 students to see BODIES. It was great all around! I love the train! Easy does it, no traffic, don't get lost...

im gonna bring my wife today with a trip to Dallas, the Trinity Express, and a bus trip. someone let me know should i go ahead with this trip?

I will drag Stevie B and Timmy T along too.

I will be there. It will be Me, JB, OG, and KC. The Sunshine Band may come along as well but I can't make any promises.

Chuck Norris will never have a heart attack. His heart isn't nearly foolish enough to attack him.

JB is an anomaly – like Chuck Norris. You know, if you spell his name in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

Who's JB?

JB & I are looking forward to this exhibit. The Amon Carter Museum is very supportive of photography as an art medium.

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