Accommodating Nature: The Photographs of Frank Gohlke

September 15, 2007January 6, 2008

Frank Gohlke (b. 1942) is one of America's leading landscape photographers. For more than thirty years, he has taken photographs that depict how Americans build their lives within a natural world that rarely matches the pastoral ideal.


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Gohlke's work is just amazing. generally I don't like landscape photography, but I do like it, and I like Ansell Adams. maybe I like Gohlke's work just a bit more.

thanks for the great video. I didn't get to go to show, but the video made it seem like I did. Cool show thanks much.

Gohlke really seems to show the reality of small town and city life. He shows the reality of the people, and somehow shows their joys and sorrows. He goes deeper than others. Truly amazing... I recommend his books highly.

It was an excellent show. Frank has such a sense of the beauty of architecture.

I really liked his series on Mt. Saint Helens. It is wonderful how he works with the mind and eye of both a scientist and an artist. Excellent work.

I Really Like the way He Catches the very moment of each picture he takes. he is a real inspiration to a newley found photographer.

Thanks so much for another G R E A T lecture. Your Nov. 10 talk by William Cronon shed light on the meaning behind the myths of red state, blue state politics and opened my eyes to a postmodern definition of the word nature.

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My son recently took a field trip to the Amon Carter Museum, and came home thrilled; telling me about how Grandma's house was on display at the Museum. I was delightfully surprised at what I saw when I walked in and saw the very house that I grew up in in Hillsboro, Texas. My sister and I spoke with the Museum tour guide and explained that that was my Grandparent's home. It was very touching and emotional. This is a beautiful print. We bought purchased post cards to send to our aunts and uncles to show them the beauty of this photo. We always knew the house stood out!

This show looks great, i coming from NYC to the lecture! Can wait to see the show, publication and lecture. Thanks.

i'm very interested in seeing Frank's work and excited about the lectures. i'm a new photo prof at A&M and am looking forward to building a strong educational relationship with the Amon Carter! Thank you so much! v

Thank you, Amon Carter Museum, for bringing the photographs of Frank Gohlke home to Texas. This will be a can't miss show!

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