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Green Bottles, Matinicus Island, Maine, August 24, 1954 (P1990.51.3034.1)  Moss-Covered Log, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, June 18, 1968 (P1990.51.3250.1)
Barred Islands from Double Beaches, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 17, 1964 (P1990.51.3178.1)  Trees in Fog, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 29, 1963 (P1990.51.3107.1)

  • In 1910 Porter’s family purchased Great Spruce Head Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine, and built a summer house there the following year.
  • The spot quickly became a steady source of photographic inspiration. While the artist's visits to the region were fewer after he settled in New Mexico in 1946, he always viewed the island as his second home.
  • Porter found unusual color in unexpected places in Maine.
  • Throughout his life, Porter photographed the changing seasons and ecology. The moss-covered log illustrates the full cycle of life and death.
  • Porter published two books on the area: an autobiography called Summer Island: Penobscot Bay (1966) and Maine (1986).
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