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Moss, Lava, Lichen, near Kirkjubćjarklaustur, Iceland, July 5, 1972 (P1990.51.2748)  Kelp on Black Stone Beach, Dritvík, Snćfellsnes, Iceland, July 10, 1972 (P1990.51.2804)
Mud Pot in Hot Spring Area, Mývatn, Iceland, July 23, 1972 (P1990.51.2826)  Turf Farm Near Laufás, Iceland, July 18, 1972 (P1990.51.2810)
  • At a friend’s suggestion, Porter traveled to Iceland in 1972 to photograph its lichen species, one of his favorite subjects. Lichen is a combination of an alga and a fungus living together, usually on a rock. With a love for science and details of nature, Porter thought lichen was a perfect photographic subject because it had many colors and forms.
  • He was also captivated by the volcanic island’s enormous mountain glaciers, colorful mosses, farmhouses, old lava flows, and ice-filled glacial lakes.
  • He captured all of these subjects during a two-month drive around the island. The book Iceland (1989) combined Porter’s images with a travelogue introduction by the artist’s son Jonathan.
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