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Ionic Capital, Delphi, Greece, April 23, 1967 (P1990.51.2561.1)  Redbud Trees in Gymnasium, Olympia, Greece, April 14, 1967 (P1990.51.2543.1)
Sounium, Greece, March 7, 1970 (P1990.51.2604)  Temple of Hadrian, Athens, Greece, April 1970 (P1990.51.2658)
  • Porter and his wife, Aline, visited Greece in 1967 to see the almond trees in bloom and the ancient architecture that had long intrigued Porter's father.
  • With pastel grays, greens, and blues, Porter highlighted the beauty of the repeating columns, steps, pathways, and arcades of the country’s classical architecture.
  • The artist returned in 1970 and 1971. His book The Greek World (1980) includes photographs by Porter and text by Peter Levi, a distinguished poet and classical scholar.
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