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Head of Ramesses Colossus, The Ramesseum, Thebes, Egypt, 1973 (P1990.51.2083.1)  Statue of Ramesses II, South Corner of Ramesses Court, Temple of Luxor, Egypt, 1973 (P1990.51.2107)
Columns in First Court, Medinet Habu, West Thebes, Egypt, 1973 (P1990.51.2084.1)  Ram-headed Sphinxes, Forecourt, Temple of Amun, Karnak, Luxor, Egypt, 1973 (P1990.51.2094.1)
  • Porter did not normally accept jobs illustrating other authors’ books. But in spring and autumn of 1973, he made two trips to Egypt to shoot photographs for historian Kenneth W. Kitchen’s study of Pharaoh Ramesses II. While Porter satisfied Kitchen’s list of photographic subjects, he was free to add to that list, and he did.
  • He investigated the ranges of yellows and browns of the ancient ruins and examined the repeating shapes and the light and shadows on the stone.
  • Porter's photographs were finally published in 1990 in Monuments of Egypt.
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