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Ferns in Forest, Mount Meru, Arusha National Park, Tanzania, July 8, 1970 (P1990.51.201.1)  Acacia Tree, near Lengai, Tanzania, July 13, 1970 (P1990.51.210.1)
Llo-Molo Dancers, Lake Turkana, Kenya, June 26, 1970 (P1990.51.124.1)  Torn Acacia Bark, Amboseli, Kenya, September 16, 1970 (P1990.51.55)

  • John Macrae, who had edited Porter's book on the Adirondack mountains, contacted the artist about producing a book on East Africa with text by travel writer Peter Matthiessen. Porter traveled to the East African countries Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda in 1970. Out of these safaris came the book The Tree Where Man Was Born: The African Experience (1972).
  • Porter’s photographs show the natural abundance and fragile nature of the region.
  • Porter's group met the Llo-Molo people on the east side of Lake Turkana. In the image above, Porter only shows a portion of the human body instead of a full-body pose.
  • With close-up images, the artist challenges viewers to look at the world in new ways. Can you tell what the image on the bottom right is? Move your mouse over the thumbnail image to see the title.
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