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Vegetation Detail, on Road Above La Calentura, Baja California, Mexico, July 25, 1966 (P1990.51.1093)  Elephant Tree, El Marmolito, Baja California, Mexico, August 6, 1966 (P1990.51.1131.1)
Cirio and Mountain, near Turn-off to Bahia San Louis Gonzaga, Baja California, Mexico, August 15, 1966 (P1990.51.1143.1)  White Succulant, near Rancho Arenoso, Baja California, Mexico, July 27, 1966 (P1990.51.1098)
  • Porter took a two-month drive down Mexico’s Baja Peninsula in 1964. This trip was his preparation for photographing in the remote Galápagos Islands, because Baja had a similar climate.
  • In Baja, Porter saw open desert views with broad blue skies, pale tans, yellow greens, and unusual plant shapes. The forms and colors of the region were often very different from those he was used to seeing in the eastern United States.
  • He returned in the summer of 1966 to collect more images for a Sierra Club book. The book, Baja California and the Geography of Hope (1967), celebrated the area’s unusual plant life and supported protection of the peninsula's desert ecology.
  • Porter primarily photographed the landscape but also documented abandoned churches and shrines in an effort to capture the character of the region.
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