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Arch Iceberg, Bonaparte Point, Antarctic Peninsula, 1976 (P1990.51.672)  Ice Cave, Near Scott Base, Ross Island, Antarctica, December 7, 1975 (P1990.51.485.1)
The Labyrinth, Wright Valley, Antarctica, December 1975 (P1990.51.590.1)  View from Monastery Nunatak, Dry Valleys, Antarctica, December 31, 1975 (P1990.51.563.1)
  • Starting in 1974, when he was was seventy-three years old, Porter took two trips to Antarctica on a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The NSF selected artists, musicians, and writers to record their impressions of the continent for an exhibition to raise awareness of its unusual beauty.
  • Porter looked forward to the challenge of making color photographs of what he thought would be white scenery. He was surprised and delighted with the region’s wide range of color, especially its variety of blues.
  • His photographs and detailed travelogue were published in the book, Antarctica (1978).
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