Finding His Subjects Composing Visual Elements Framing Angle of View Light Quality
Composing Visual Elements

Artists use the elements of design — line, shape, color, texture, form, and space — to express ideas and feelings. They make conscious choices about which elements best express a subject, while keeping in mind how other elements affect the image. Porter used all of the basic elements above when he photographed.

Photographers like Porter look at everything around them and select exactly where they will focus their cameras. Once decided, the photographer will:

  • frame the chosen subject;
  • select an angle of view;
  • decide when and how to take the photograph for light quality.
We will look at these three techniques in more depth.

Frozen Apples, Tesuque, New Mexico, Novemeber 21, 1966 (P1989.19.41)
Composing a Subject Expression Through Color The Place No One Knew
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