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Light Quality

Light quality refers to the source, amount, and direction of light in a photograph. Light is critical to photography. Porter often photographed in light without strong shadows (called diffused light). This helped him create a balance of light throughout his images.

Yellow Birches and Rock Face, Route 73, Near St. Huberts, Adirondack Mountains, New York,  October 7, 1963 Copyright  1966, The Adirondack Museum (P1990.51.4344.1) Ferry, Chongqing, Sichuan, China, Summer 1980 (P1990.58.1.2)
Sunrise, Moon Reflection in Pool, Navajo Creek, Glen Canyon, Utah, August 27, 1961 (P1990.51.4997) Ice Cave, Scott Base, Ross Island, Antarctica, December 7, 1975 (P1990.51.484.2)

As you look at the images in this Web site, note how Porter uses framing, angle of view, and light quality.

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