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  • What story can you tell in one photograph?
  • What story can you tell in thirty photographs?
  • What happens when you combine words, in the form of poetry, descriptions, and questions, with images?

Look closely at Porter's images. Select the one that best describes Glen Canyon and describe how you feel about it.

Pool in Hidden Passage, Glen Canyon, Utah, August 27, 1961 (P1990.51.5001.1)

Porter combined his images into a sequence and paired them with text to create The Place No One Knew. What do the images of Glen Canyon shown on this Web site tell you about the canyon that just one photograph does not? How do the words affect your thoughts about the images? About Glen Canyon as a whole?

Now think of your own special place. How would you feel if it were flooded? What would you lose? What would you gain if a beautiful lake was the result?

Defending the Environment:

What would you do to protect your special place? Who would you need to convince to preserve this place?

  • Using a camera, make a study of this place taking pictures that would help you show your point of view. Like Porter, take detailed photographs of the place.
  • Make a convincing argument in two paragraphs that would persuade someone to listen to your point of view.
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