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P1999.13 - Southworth, Albert Sands - [Two women posed with a chair] - ca. 1850
[Two women posed with a chair]
Accession Number P1999.13
Collection Photographs
Object Type Black-and-white photographs
Format Uncased plate, whole plate
Title [Two women posed with a chair]
Artist Southworth, Albert Sands
Artist Hawes, Josiah
Date Details
Type Date Created
Date of Object ca. 1850
Medium Daguerreotype
Measurement Details
Type Value Unit
Image Height 7 15/16 inches
Image Width 5 7/8 inches
Plate Height 8 13/16 inches
Plate Width 6 13/16 inches
Current Location Storage
Credit Line Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas
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