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Bellows, George
George Bellows (1882-1925)
Birth Place Columbus, Ohio
Death Place New York, New York
Born Aug. 12, 1882
Died Jan. 8, 1925
General Notes George Bellows enjoyed considerable professional success during his brief life. A native of Columbus, Ohio, he withdrew from Ohio State University in 1904 to study art in New York. There he fell in with the group of artists, collectively called the Ashcan School, who followed the teachings of Robert Henri (1865-1929). By his late twenties, Bellows had already developed a reputation for his energetically painted scenes of New York life, which seemed to capture the dynamics of the modern era. His lithographs, begun in 1916, evolved from the subject matter and style of illustrations he made for the socialist magazine The Masses. While some lithographs touched on social issues of the day, such as evangelicalism and the German invasion of Belgium during World War I, others were more benign images of his beloved family and friends. For the last four years of his life, Bellows settled into a routine of painting at his Manhattan home during the winter and making lithographs in Woodstock, New York, in the summer. He died in New York City at age forty-two of complications from a ruptured appendix. Shortly after his death, Bellows was honored with a memorial exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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