Lobster Mix Seafood night

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Natasha Young
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Cook time: 
15 mins

Cayenne, basil, butter, lobster tails, olive oil, garlic powder, black pepper, parsley and lemons.

Preparation and cooking instructions: 
Cayenne basil butter herb lobster tail.. There's nothing like fresh seafood.. When preparing lobster tail cut down middle with clean kitchen scissors and stop before you get to the tail open lobster pull out digestive track rinse off meat then pull meat out of shell leaving it connect to tail end and olive oil both sides of the meat and season with cayenne, sea salt and black pepper, garlic powder and basil and top with parsley...pre heat oven 350 cook 15 mins then add butter on top for 3 mins on boil.follow me for great photos and my food ideas. Ever photo on my page I have cooked.
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