Lobster Mix Seafood night

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Natasha Young
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Cook time: 
40 mins

Infused Herb Olive Oil, Cayenne Spices, BBQ Sauce, Jalapeño juice, half can of beer, lemon juice and foil.

Preparation and cooking instructions: 
Fresh crawfish but in large cooler with cold water add a half of box of sea salt or salt to water mix when water turns dark pour out water repeat step until water is clear. In bowl mix ingredients above sit aside Then on stove in boiler add season of choice or crawfish season from the store add in crawfish until they are red you can also add in red potatoes, corn or sausage. I added in carrots, zucchini, squash, broccoli and baby deviened shrimp. For the snow crab wash off legs with cold water crack along the legs add over the top bbq mixture roll in foil paper put on grill for 6 mins turning until pinkish color.
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